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Here you will learn and get coaching that can help you solve problems, meet challenges and become the best version of yourself.

Join Researcher and Educator Michael West on his journey to prevent and fight Cancer.

About Us

At GPPU.info we want you to have the best information and resources to help with the challenges of life.   We provide information, instruction and on-to-one consultation resources that can help you learn how to solve problems, meet challenges, and become smarter and stronger.

The Guiding Principles of Peace and Unity is our company standard. The premise of The Guiding Principles of Peace and Unity is to “Do Good and Do No Harm” in our daily lives, and in the pursuit of success. It is a lifestyle.

We create and organize informational products and resources for those of us who need them. We welcome and work with members of every gender, race, age group, religious group, sexual orientation, and class, so long as their information and actions are in accordance with our ethical framework- “Do Good, Do No Harm”.